Wednesday, December 12, 2007


today is such a cold day. the morning wind/breeze was so chilly. it had been raining since morning till around 3pm or so. tried to do homework but i didnt. i highlighted the points from cheryl anne's notes and did about 4 to 5 pages of geog e. notes. it was then i realized, my markers arent with me. !!!

so i stopped writing my notes and started on the book that i've borrowed yesterday at the library. 'Fireworks' is the title. 4 stories in a book. quite interesting huh? it is. superb-ly interesting. gosh. they are all love stories anyway. instead of the word 'sparks' being used, 'fireworks' is. guess to create much more of an atmosphere and also, more tension(i think it's the word to use).

the stories are indeed wonderful. but why must they french kiss?! grrr. and why the description? arggh. but still the stories' nice :D please dont be mistaken or anything. i know teenagers' minds run wild. and i mean, really wild.

so yea, you're fine now. i hope. everything should be all right as it seems to be.

one was in a club on her birthday.
one was at the beach.
one was in the woods.
what's the last one?


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