Monday, January 07, 2008


this blog post is requested by cheryl quek aka dajie. thanks ar. -.-

okay, today was fun. erm, principal's talk early in the morning with some crap coming from kenneth spreading to cheryls. perfect. then homework, stuff. most lessons were like, feeling dreadfully tired but still able to handle it.

in fact, i find the time pass really fast. it was just then, morning. up and early around 7 when i reached school. 7am it is. then soon it reached 2.35pm when everyone whipped out their physics notes to study for the test. and by the time u know it, it's over and done with. lol. that's school isnt it?

then 2 cheryls and i headed for bugis to buy our bags. same bags we bought ^^ and badges to deco it, wahaha. pray hard we dont mistake one another's bag as our own =x that's going to be horrible.

that's all i gonna post for today.
bad throat i've got.
hope it will get better.
cya all.
and thanks for the laughter today though it was really zzz.


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