Monday, January 21, 2008


first day of the week, everyone's mind had two things.
1) file maths file
2) chem test!!

chem test really sucked. i seriously dont know what kind of paper that was. it was so tough, so much thinking to do. and i fell asleep for a while during the paper. the whole day had been tiring, ESPECIALLY DURING PE.

what kind of training was that? i bet i gonna get a body ache tmr. 4 rounds, each approx. 400m long. 20 push ups, 40 sit ups, 15 burpheys(do u spell it like this? i dont know how to spell it -.-) after each round. so tiring D:

lessons, quite fun. someone asked a retarded question(im bad =x). lol. some laughter we had today in class. love the people sitting around me, always high and up and laughing :D

so screwed, so so screwed. chem test is so screwed. thursday, the O levels results will be coming out. *panics* zzz. sec 4 of class '07 and hmt students are sure waiting in anxiety. hope everything goes well. been studying hcl for so long, scoring a B for this chinese paper really will disappoint me. who wouldnt be disappointed?

work hard everyone.

PS, I love you.


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