Monday, April 21, 2008


today was soooo tiring, and warm.

we had our 2.4km run today, can faint. this shows that im not a person who exercises frequently, haha. i've not ran in ages, and today's run was totally wrecked. the most coolest thing about the run was, clayton was listening to music while running with zhen wei. hah, that's quite an entertainment to run with music, it keeps you going i guess.

after the run, everyone was flushed, red, sweaty, sticky, breathless. a bottle of water cant satisfy much to quench our thirst. a packet of tissue paper was definitely not enough, hahaha. chinese was quite a bore, comprehension again. boring..

geog, hehe, mdm rozy didnt come. we had quite a chit-chat and blasting songs here and there until recess. that's so slack. a break is always worthwhile :D

ss was quite the same, just that we had truth or dare. there were truths, and dares :DD nigel took the first dare, to run around the basketball court, twice. it was hilarious and the thing we were afraid of was that a teacher would catch him and then, gg. lol. next up was soon's dare. he had to walk to 4a and 4b classrooms and wave, totally hilarious, made us laugh till our stomachs hurt.

then, in came mrs tey and she spoilt the mood and the fun. it was quite expected but not as expected though. haiz, on with the lessons as the sleepiness came dropping by dajie and me. eng was next, followed by e maths. the weather was freaking warm and the heat was unbearable.

in the canteen, we bought our food and we realized everyone's attention was on the tv screen. looking at it, it was casting the syf band outdoor competition 2008. it was sentimental. some felt like crying, and i had goosebumps when i was watching it. despite watching tk cheering, it still brought tears. then, there was something that led tksians back to the top, strong. there was this quote from the video, "someone please tell Deyi it's on loan, we want our trophy back!" something like this, cheers came from the people in the canteen, this shows that we still support each other no matter whatever falls we make.

chem supplementary, ho, the lecturer today was speaking so slowly, monotoneous! it's such a 'lullaby', everyone can really fall asleep. most of us were struggling to keep ourselves awake. im glad nigel was there to crap and joke about, he has the power of awakening people. hahaha. but really, we were so tired, especially from the run, it's really tough to survive in the auditorium. also, the air blown out from the air-con was so cooling, good temperature to snug under a blanket and enter lalaland.

heading home was a dread, the journey im referring to but home sweet home arrived soon after.
best of the best, i realized i didnt bring back any homework to do today.

cheers, im doomed.



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