Monday, November 24, 2008


i have decided! not to upload all the pics from chalet yet. because two consecutive posts with pictures all over... looks weird huh?

these days, i have choir choir choir. vivace '08 is coming up! im still thinking if i should join the 2nd half, because i have to get a black top. and if i dont sing for the 2nd half, i may not be able to sing i think, 3 songs? that's bad enough.

im feeling quite tired in fact. been sleeping early like 11.30pm-11.45pm, latest will be around 12.15am and waking up around 8.30am. boring? totally. tired? indeed. life's like that.

tmr's my pri school class' chalet. and i have choir tmr! perfect. lol.

up till now, i cant find a job. haiz, what am i suppose to do? some friends have already gotten their jobs and have started working. my plan in fact, for this holiday, is to sing for tkchoir's concert and then start working. seems like things are not going well so far.

my room's not packed! and the things on my bed are piling up. sometimes i get sick looking at the mess i've made but i dont have the mood to pack! soon, i guess. SOON.

that's all for today anyway :D
you'll see the chalet pictures soon. sorry for the delay!

it's always 11 minutes.
tired my legs are.


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