Monday, February 18, 2008


today's a half day for us! hahaha, quite a slack day. although other classes had much more slack periods. i dont really mind about the periods we had today. it was quite fine...

went to watch 'P.S I Love You' :D i find the sweetest part the time where he sent a voice recorder to her place and everything was planned before hand. a very sweet message and all the sweet stuff came after that. if only there was such a person on earth =x

rewind back to the time we had lunch, huiwen, belinda and cheryl anne were quite hilarious today. jokes and riddles sent us all bursting into laughter and some really hilarious moments.

i just love the people in 4E'08 :D laughter is forever there. really, forever. i cant help sometimes but to think back about all we had done and smile. yea, smile to the things, the silly things we said before that really brought laughter, joy and tears to us. okay, this is getting too emo =x

taiwan street snack's XXL crispy chicken is tasty ever. must must try :D

i felt like getting a crumpler all of a sudden. it just struck me. and i thought of working after O's. but.............................. *sighs*

i feel like getting a crumpler.
am i going nuts?


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