Wednesday, May 14, 2008


the blogger here is slacking =P haha

MYEs had ended for quite some time already. people are afraid of doing the papers; they are more afraid of getting their results back, as always. haha

so as to say, i screwed my MYEs badly. it's that bad i guess, but what can we do? what can i do? just hold on, dont give up, study during the holidays(hmmmm?), im sure there will be some way out to doing those papers well. hard work, determination, perseverence.

choir has been hectic lately. we've only a month before our competition in russia and mr kwei has high expectations for us. it seems that this competition will mark the last that we compete with tkchoir(for the sec 4s) and i hope that it will be good. arggh, i just dont know what to say.

today we had an interclass netball session. although we lost, we had quite some fun right? it's not all about winning anyway and it's fun playing netball :D our guys are fun, i mean, girls and guys. i just simply love the laughter everyday, it's just so spirit-lifting. haha

quek said, she doesnt feel like leaving 4e. neither do i. a class which brings laughter everyday, a class which shares sorrows and comfort each other, a class which does ridiculous things. it's a wonder how we actually survive the laughter but im glad because of it, our class spirit is kept alive :D

school is closing soon, holidays are coming! let's enjoy them to bits before burrowing our heads in books like before.

cheers people :D

tongue tied - faber drive


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