Wednesday, May 21, 2008


holidays are coming. bazaar's tomorrow and that dreadful horrible collection of report books. zzz

the days had been terribly warm and humid! u can walk into a bath of cool water and the moment u step out of the bathroom, u start to perspire -.- it's so yucky to be sticky and sweaty the whole day long even when one didnt exercise his muscles much.

the days passed by, quite fast in fact. i went out on sat to get some stuff and to walk around =P sun was piano. i dread theory. it's a total horror. then my parents came to fetch me and we went to have lunch. back home, i felt super tired and sleepy so i fell asleep in my room with the fan on. that was quite stupid to do because the weather that day was horribly hot and the sun was scorching. to my dismay, i awoke to find myself drenched in perspiration. warm, sticky and sweaty i was, y-u-c-k. and i took a refreshing bath to freshen up.

monday, i went out for lunch with my piano cher at pizza hut :D it has been long since i've eaten at pizza hut itself. i kinda totally forgot that my mother's classmates would be coming over for a gathering and was caught by surprise when i reached home. forgetful huh? =x

her classmates are a group of erm, quite funny and humourous people. i should apologize for not remembering their names and they actually didnt look familiar to me. well, it reminded me of 4E'08. i dont wanna leave them, da jie too. i dont mind a gathering once or twice a year. at least to meet up in a year with the clique. there's so much fun and laughter from each and every one of them, who can actually bear to leave and be separated? conclusion: i love 4E'08 :D

yea, so these few days, more like 2 days of school, they were pretty slack although lessons were held. the teachers were understanding that we werent really in the study mood now. hahaha. loads of laughter AND arrowing -.- she's pretty good huh. zzzzz she's lame.

i think these few days, i've been rather tired. my eyes tend to blur at times and that really sucks. im afraid my degree will rise like it has been rising for the past few years. maybe from pri school till sec 2? whatever it is, i just wanna sleep. lol. next week will be horrible, guaranteed.

i dont like that attitude,
it's very demoralizing.
how i wish i know magic at times.


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