Monday, February 02, 2009


today's the first day of school for those who chose and got into Jc.

well, overall it wasnt that bad just that it bores. lol. there were quite a number of tksians who got into tpjc but we were split into different OGs. of course, i was seperated from both cheryls and geng and they were split up too.

however, my group's okay, as in, okayyy. the OGLs - joeyee and tian wei, are quite fun too. joeyee is super high anyway. perhaps due to seeing us feel so bored, just walking here and there. quite zzz. so she kept asking us to be happy, get enthusiastic about new school, new environment, new life. during the break she also played games with us so we get familiarized with each other faster.

but i have a feeling that people are going to appeal out etc. u know the cases, im one of them. lol. yea, im appealing out. lol. despite the fact that tpjc gave me(and i think the rest too, i hope) warmth and it was quite homely there, im still going to appeal to mjc. my last chance, not going to give it up.

hope saiful can appeal successfully into tpjc anyway :D
good luck to all appeals! ;D


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