Wednesday, October 14, 2009



tears of happiness because it's over, but it's not exactly over. i shant talk about it.

it was a fruitful weekend + 2 marking days. immediately on friday i went shopping with the twins :D and it was so relieving! haha it has been very long since i've shopped and that totally started my engine for shopping. we walked quite long and all and both annie and my feet were pain cause i got a skincut and annie wasnt used to her flats. yeaaa sad. but whatever it was, we were happy to buy some stuff and more stuff. the ultimate shopper of the day - QUEKKY! hahaha

btw, quekky wants me to type something about her. here goes:
Cheryl Quek is an "innocent" and "idealistic" girl who has "short" hair and "tanned" skin. she's very "nice" to people but exceptionally "bad" to me. people who befriend her, i hope your relationship will be "excellent" with such a "caring and considerate" friend in your life :D oh yea, she's a bit crippled, just fyi. lol

HAHA i think this is ridiculous.

so yea, shopping for long rocks man, for a girl that is. it's so nice of soon to tag along :D and he survived! wow, im not being sarcastic really, soon's a very good friend to be with :D

sat and sun were slack days. just that i had piano work to finish and then attend the lesson. rawrrrrrrr. i missed my marathon last sunday due to that. oh mannz.

monday was another day of outing, semi-shop-cum-movie! we watched 500 days of summer. i forgot that the rest had school and wanted to call them out but oops! hahahaa so it was the 4e-tpjc people + huiwen. it was very shocking to meet up with her in fact. LOL. they know why. hahaha. the movie was nice, not the usual ending a romantic movie would get. go catch it! i bought a pair of shorts after the movie and headed home for dinner with family as it was daddy's birthday! yupyup. but then the dinner turned out horrible as the noodles spoilt the whole meal. there was some brush thingy in the noodle, how horrible. enough of that, lol.

tues was shopping with audrey :D we went to bugis fashion street and far east and bought stuff again. hohoho, my money totally ran out =x bon tagged along and i could see that he was quite bored following us. HAHA! but he didnt say anything, awwww, that's nice :D soon came about 4+, 5? and they had a very good time together, LOL. this sounds wrong. as in, as least they can go shop and walk elsewhere instead of following us all around as when girls shop, we hardly take breaks. hahahaa. jervin came to join us for dinner and then we went home. that blur pig got lost at orchard! HAHA! he's so funny man and he's sure to remember the route to fareast now. ahhahaa

that's all for now! back to school was horrendous thanks to the time table. zzz. i'll elaborate more next time!


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