Sunday, February 28, 2010

280210 - The Only Exception

it's end of february. im still hanging there. hanging in mid air. people are soaring to skies, im more of near the ground. got what i mean?

tomorrow's vectors' test. horrible topic, took me 30 mins understand how to a sub question of a question. depicts how lousy i am at this topic.

why did i post another blogpost today? urge to blog? more or less like it but it's more of i saw someone's blog (happened to chance upon it though) and then thinking back, blahblahblah, and i decided to visit this old site once more.

life has been going and tough. things are going against what i think it would be. there isnt a point revealing them cause it doesnt help or more like, no one can do anything to change it. what's the point also? hah, things just have to move on. people too.

i cant wait for myself to get back to what i was, in primary 4? i still dont know how i manage to do it. and i guess that was the first and the last i've ever done something like this. when things are rolling downhill, it just takes a lot of effort to stop it and slowly go back uphill. but time isnt on my side.

oh well, song for today,

The Only Exception by Paramore


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