Thursday, February 24, 2011

When will I ever sit down and really study like she does? Getting dean award is an honourable thing and only minority gets it. Even not getting it but getting good results makes one feel heartwarming as it takes a lot to score well. Results are almost out and there's no point worrying although it is constantly there. Someone please tell me I qualify at least. Though I'm discouraged to do what I wanna do most, at least give me a chance to do what I wanna do next.

I have many many things I want to do but I just gotta set things right first. But really I hope that I an at least score. Just let me in. And I will really prove my potential. These months have set me thinking and to really get what I want I have to earn it. That's what I learnt from RY. Be yourself and work hard to get what you want to achieve.

So someone please tell me first that I did well.


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