Sunday, December 16, 2007


if i were to say i had a peaceful sleep last night, that would be inhuman and insane. why? because i didnt get one last night and i dont expect to sleep peacefully when everything is in a twirl.

only dajie saw me emo-ed that particular day(091107), ken and shigeng ''unemofied'' me. that's another word i made up. that was the only time i emo-ed so much i guess. and now, again. that's why sometimes i prefer school. it brings joy no matter how sucky the studies are. i miss the laughter, i miss the joy. there aint no tears, but sorrows. emo isnt good i know. BUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD AND WHAT IN THE WORLD IS UP WITH ME?!

who's up for carols on the 18th? free. esplanade. mjc performing. cheryl anne's leaving on that day.

as i munched on my hotdog this morning, something struck me with no apparent reason. children and parents should get along well. children should tolerate whatever their parents do, especially when their parents are of the olden age. they tend to nag much more. parents on the other hand should be understanding. they should know why their children do this and that. firstly, their children arent going through what they went through when they were young. their children is experiencing life in a much more ''luxurious'' manner. that's why nowadays, children tend to be more demanding(no offence).

forget the crap i just wrote. it came out with no reason at all.

why and what's wrong?
ask yourself.
who's yourself?
the owner of this blog, duh.


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