Friday, December 21, 2007


i went to the airport today with my brother.
starbucks java chip rocks. the price rocks too. lol. but it isnt me who paid for it. wahaha :D
did some homework. some. most of the time was asking bro how to do, how to do and how to do -.- that's what happens when u have someone good in maths in front of you =p

at least i manage to finish some and at least some things are back in my head. holidays make u forget stuff =x mainly because i played for 1 1/2 of my holidays. hehe.

it was quite cold in the airport, not say freezing or anything. but really cold. saw some guy watering the planes in the airport. woots~ singapore changi airport is a busy place. really busy.. but i love the airport. the christmas decorations are nice too :D love the big, tall tree!!

bought fries from macs. the person there was, erm, shocked when i just ordered fries. especially when he said, " only? "
it's like, none of his business what im ordering -.-

bus ride home was okay. 36 is so crowded. watched hollow man 2 after i reached home. gore so gore. hate the way they kill the people.

i shall end here now :D
ohoh, terminal 3's toilets are nice =) okay that's wrong

open your heart and follow where it leads you...
and remember, shoot for the moon...
- by, P.S I Love You(Cecelia Ahern)


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