Wednesday, December 19, 2007


went out with the rest yesterday. i was late =x paiseh paiseh(sorry all). ate long john's. rush rush rush. then went to queue for tickets. apparently, the movie we wanna watch was kinda sold out(sorry shigeng) so we watched another instead. i shant tell u all what show we watched anyway. go figure.

then hw, dajie, yc and da ge were left. the others left for home etc. i couldnt finish my mcflurry in time so i gave it to da ge to finish for me. took the mrt down to city hall to meet up with jy and rushed to marina square to catch victoria junior college choir carolling. so wonderful~ so brilliant~ and i saw quite a number of our tksians there who got into vjc. awesome performance! but the crowd werent that enthusiatic at marina square.

jy and i then made our way to esplanade slowly but we were still early -.- waited for them to start. cant believe i actually saw my brother conducting. a bit high ar, his hands. =x but overall, vj is still vj. mj is still mj, and mj has so much of a resemblance of tk. lol. and both choirs were awesome.

went to eat with jy and cheryl tan before heading home. some stupid thing happen but dont put the blame on me okay? get the picture right first. dont listen to your dear *** and believe whatever he said. if he is kind enough, he wouldnt have hung up on cheryl tan and pms-ed all the way. and also having the halo on his head which blinded the eyes of parents who actually believed him. and pms is not a guy thing to do. GET IT? dont ask me for hugs. u would have given me them when i was younger. somehow u arent worth to be...

okay, im harsh.

then i went home and fell asleep. the end. it's not a fairy tale anyway. it's for real.

do dreams come true?


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