Monday, December 17, 2007

sore legs

hmm, yesterday went to run with bro. lol. it has been long since i've ran. let's say, after NAPFA then no more running? o.O but yesterday's run was horror. u'll never imagine how i felt after the run. lol.

we then headed to the nearby park where my bro did his pull ups. it was really funny. i dont need to go into details about this before i get whacked by him >.<

then it was the 红星大奖2007. woots~ kim jeong hoon is so handsome! his korean was superb(duh he's a korean)! and xiaozhu~~~ hahah! i was running to the comp during that erm 3 hour show, in between, during the advertisement to reply to msn -.- lol. quite fun eh, run here and there. LOL. haha! but it was quite a wreck -.-

after the show, i came back to watch the last few episodes of 转角遇到爱。so sweet~ finally they got together! haha.. from this story, there's a lot to learn. want to know what u can learn from it? go watch it and pay attention to whatever they say :D

okay, im having muscle aches now -.-
tmr we may go out. yay :D
and da ge is pro, he almost finished every single homework he have. DAM IT. time to chiong =x

sad moments are within happy moments,
dajie said this sentence is meaningful.
im so proud of it.


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