Monday, December 24, 2007


it's the eve of christmas..

my family and i went out to pray erm, i think it was goddess of mercy. yea.. then went to eat at the hawker centre opposite tjc. the char kway teow stall(hill street) wasnt open so we had fish ball noodles and some yong tau foo instead. finally i get to drink sugar cane.

oh, before we headed for bedok, we went to see my grandma's house. it isnt exactly rightfully hers. now it is being occupied by another family. they've renovated it and it looks much more pleasant as compared to the times when it was empty and cold. that was primary 1. end of primary 1. yea, i miss her so.

i think i had too much of sugar stuff today. i had sugar cane and then mcflurry. lol. last night i slept really late. i know my panda eyes are horrible -.- i need eye gel..

what i've deduced was right.


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