Thursday, December 27, 2007


lol. okay la. jiee, your attire, not weird la. but quite big. yea, u look like my dad without the belly =x haha! should have walked with you to the other end, then you can treat me to starbucks. LOL. joking :D

haha, seriously, u are the senior that has been through almost everything that i've been through since sec 1. everything. then when im down, u'll listen to me(u still remember that day right? the phone call =x). when im happy, u'll erm be happy with me just that u always suan me halfway -.- besides your cheekiness and etc, u still play your part as a senior and such. excluding the pms-es, have to pms with u in the end -.- thanks for the treat on my 15th birthday, the expensive one =x ps ar, didnt get anything for you on your sweet 16. and thanks for the dinner that day i had with my bro :D haha, all in all, thanks loads~

yup, i remembered that i wanna write this last night before i drift off into lalaland. thanks a bunch :D

men are from earth,
women are from earth,
deal with it. <-- yay :D


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