Thursday, December 27, 2007

i am legend

watched 'i am legend' at engwah cinemas. scary parts are sudden loud sounds and the zombs appearing halfway. but i didnt really like it. yea, i felt it was lame instead. the ending was so.. so... __?????__ everyone was like expecting something to happen and nooo, nothing happened. lol. quite a draggy show.

yea, so i went with the rest to suntec to watch it. wanted to watch alvin and the chipmunks because i haven get to watch it yet! and the timeslot for alvin and the chipmunks was like, 7.20 pm. hohoho, nice one engwah cinemas. -.- should have gone to watch national treasure T.T waste money, waste popcorn, waste coke~ bleah.

yea, then clayton and cheryl went home while the rest came to my house. havoc =x no la, joking. usual people, usual guests. they know the rules :D glad to have them here anyway. it has been quite some time since they last came. wonder when will be the next?

then walked to katong shopping centre and haha, i got a treat from glenn. wahaha, strawberry milk shake! woots~ bubble tea =p yup, then we went to collect the papers he sent for photocopying and went home. lala..

i think we should all just sit down and chat. seriously, chat. never had the chance to do that. but i think we, as a group, have loads to chat about. hah :D

today's italics will be
i have no idea what to write.


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