Saturday, January 26, 2008


hohoho, i had a long long, super duper long sleep from 8.30pm to 7.00am(lazed in bed till 8 =x) today. woots, thanks to my head, i had a really nice and peaceful rest. muahaha.

today's choir practice was, okay, they were singing, that's good. hope that it would get better as the days pass because this year isnt a slack year for us. in fact, it's quite tight, and i hope that the sec 3s will learn to take over and be initiative without the sec 4s telling them what to do. the sec 4s are stressing out over studies in fact, i think.

discipline wise, much more room for improvement. yea, whisper is allowed but dont go overboard. especially when some are really trying hard to listen to the conductor, trying to hear what he/she is relating to them, going overboard actually drowns the conductor's voice and thus, missing important details. and please, be serious. yea i know, choir members, most of us are fun, crappy, nonsensical to an extent but small not large, joyful, happy, etcetc. when it's time to be serious, please be. and the word is please.

okay, enough of seriousness. let's get on to nonsense.

after choir, i went with marie, kenny, weiying, junwei and emilyn to roxy square. emilyn had to leave early so she went off first. lunch was okay and there's a talk about teachers again o.O lol. seems like tk teachers made the hits, haha. after choir on friday, we had a talk about teachers too, a really funny one, sent us bursting into laughter =P

i headed on to ecp macs to meet up with jieeee, who was apparently packing his room. so neat hor? hehe. had him to teach me chem, really an A1 student. haiz, if only his teacher is my teacher =( then im sure we'll score A1 and that will be another point to sustain. but i really hope i can get A1 for chem :D

oh, did i mention? MY JUNIOR, EUGENE(sec 1) IS SO CUTE. im no pedophile anyway -.-

quite fortunate to have a tutor who tutors me for almost every single subject. wahaha :D a senior who always look out for me, hehehee, thanks ar =)

then my mom, bro and maid came to meet me and we went to jk don for dinner. cause it's my mommy's birthday :D i had the korean food that i ate the first time i ate there. but it wasnt jieeee who cooked, but someone else. at least jieeee served us water ^^ haha, he's gonna get another strand of white hair =P(he's getting old la, cant blame him =x)

after my mom bathed, we had the cake that glenn and i bought for her(glenn, my mom says thanks to you :D). quite shock she was, and she thought it was my friend's cake. wahaha. almond fruit cake, creamy, spongy, not much of cake, a lot of fruit and almond. lol. i prefer chocolate cake(someone still owes me a treat =P) though, but since it's my mom's birthday, the flavour's to suit her not me.

i know what i desperately want,
the skirt and top from Topshop.
muahaha. one month, from february 1st. 1 month. 1 month's savings will be enough. woots :D(for the top only. lol)

happy birthday,
mommy :D


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