Friday, February 01, 2008


it's the 1st of feb.

school was brilliant since morning. it's a really slack day today. ce and pe was all out. english was okay, at least it wasnt all talk. lol. maths, quite okay la, just that there's homework =( haha, ms chen happened to end at 11.30am. we were supposed to be dismissed at 11.40am. everyone was looking forward to it until the fire alarm went off. thanks ar tk -.- perfect day to have the drill, early dismissal, loads of time to spare. in the end, we were dismissed around 11.45am. haiz.

some of us stayed back to do the board and ms chen came to help us. ohoh, we know her age. hahaha, quite young huh, in fact, is really young. not say very recent but graduated from tk a few years back only. *wow* quite a long time we took just to cover up the whole board. but the overall result IS nice :D from far that is. hahaha, kinda love the board although the colour doesnt go with the chinese new year theme. who cares? =P

it poured halfway while we were doing the board and it continued even after we finished. slacked for a while before leaving school with belinda, huiwen, shigeng, soon, yash and wesley. and we all walked in the rain :D lol. quite nice to walk in the rain, despite the fact of getting wet. we were heading towards the venue of the annual road run at ecp when i received a call from dajie saying that the run has been cancelled and there isnt a need to go take attendance. woots! wahahah, i bet most of us(tksians) cheered. i think they will have to hold the run on another day, means .... wahaha.

so the 6 of us, except yash who went home, went to have lunch at parkway where we met quite a number of tksians. cheryl anne was there! haha! with her other netballers. had pastamania for lunch and i agree that the meatball pasta isnt delicious. the meatball tasted weird. really weird.

after lunch we wanted to play pool and saw another group of tksians, mainly soccer members. didnt play in the end because of the member thingy and ended slacking and letting time fly. after belinda and soon left, the rest of us went to tioheng to sing. lol. hahha, huiwen sang the most. the other two guys, heck whatever they were doing =x then shigeng accompanied huiwen and i for dinner by walking all the way down to upper east coast road. some walk it was, but it had been long since i've walked so much.

i intended to walk home from there but it started raining cats and dogs again. had to take a bus ride home instead. however, i did walk in the rain :D because i didnt call my maid to bring the umbrella out to shelter me. wahhaa, and i really love walking in the rain. something that we all need to enjoy, things like walking in the rain.

came home and watched the remaining hour of shark attack 3. a very lame and animated show. very fiction-like and not realistic. and i think it's a really old show from the looks of it.

now, i just feel like sleeping.

some things are not worth it,
they are not appreciated.


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