Tuesday, January 29, 2008


tmr's the 30th. that's fast, it's going to the end of January, 2008, and February steps in.

today's lesson, quite all right. just felt very sian during english, the rest of the day was okay UNTIL physics. i kinda fell asleep. almost. half awake. haiz, poor me. actually, the class was quite quiet, guess most were falling asleep too? hehe =x

ss test, sbq, haha. i seriously dont know how to do. most probably, i'll fail this test =x quite expected actually, because i've never passed sbq. it rained around 2-3 pm and continued until around 4+, 5pm. yup. went to bk with a whole group of people. 10 of them. haha.

i finally got my envelopes :D and my pen ink runs out, fast. haiz. actually, i dont really know what to type for this blog post.



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