Monday, February 04, 2008


i just merely stated, i dont have any new footwear for the new year. and there she went, flaring red, like i've did something that has caused a scar in her life and she will remember it forever. WTH?! what's your freaking problem man? it's just a sentence, simple and sweet. so? u go shop with me? wait for eons years i tell you. going shopping with you, is a no-no to EVERYTHING i choose. it's either, too ex, or it doesnt fit on you, or you dont like it. hello! it's ME here. MEMEMEMEME. not you! so yea, i dont have a pair of sandals. so dont complain on the first day, saying why im wearing old ones. CAUSE I DONT HAVE THE BLOODY TIME TO EXPLAIN TO YOU WITH U REBUTTING AT ME WITH YOUR DAMN LOGIC. and it's logic that makes no sense to anyone else but yourself. thanks so much.

it's suppose to be a wonderful and happy day for me in fact. a really happy day. till that damn screaming came from no where, thanks to a statement! FINE. i shall not say anything since whatever i say, u just argue. what's the point of telling you whatever i feel, think, or do? i just get scolded for nothing i've done whether it's right or wrong. even for one paper i've sat for O's last year, what kind of stupid questions u two ask me. "Is there a higher grade than this?" or "Like that only ar?"

what do you expect from me?! i've been trying to score better than that boy upstairs, who studies and PLAYs at the same time. u two praised him to the heavens and were on cloud nine. i feel like im just a replacement piece of shit for him whenever he isnt at home. like what? next year. then u gonna compare my results with my cousins and others or brag about the one i've gotten for O's last year. so? what difference does it make? u stand on higher ground? u become renowned among the relatives? grandma and grandpa will be proud of you? HELLO, it isnt u who made me achieve these grades. as if u gave me moral support. as if u helped me with my work. as if u knew i took the paper. and yea, this is the kind of life i get.

tk won chai chee, a victorious game. loads of cheering and some things arent meant to be said. the person should know and change ____ attitude. still, congratulations to the team. u all have done us proud :D

i cant be bothered typing further before i start venting my frustration through this single post which was meant to be a happy one.

and gone with the wind.


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