Wednesday, February 20, 2008


they played the game from morning till end of school at 2pm.
wonder if they'll continue it tomorrow.
english lesson was funny :D
someone said something hilarious yet retarded when i was eating. and that was gross. thanks -.-
______________________ went overboard. nice.
clement's english is really brilliant and his essays are espressive. a pleasure to read :D
english essay was so-so. didnt know what i was writing.
chem remedial was okay. but i felt really sore. as in, muscles were hurting.
they went stupid stupid again. i wonder what they did this time.
i felt idiotically tired towards the end of the day.
my mom isnt at home, so is my dad. wow
i drank a lot of water today and i am still drinking.
i was starving and ate a lot for dinner.

i need _______________.
i forgot it for a moment.
i always remember it whenever i open my organizer.
it was until he reminded me then it struck me.
should i?
after all, it's sweet 16..


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