Saturday, June 07, 2008


truncated has ended, finally. it past quite fast though, 280508 was just a few days ago.

first up,
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY greeting to geng, ps, didnt blog for long.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to jieeee, who's still wondering where to go today. haha

yea, and oh, xiaojia and jagdish's birthdays were on the 3rd, happy birthday too :D

choir practices had been hectic, and im certain the sec4s are worrying whether or not we will perform well in Russia. excluding today, we have 9 days left. do we have that sense of urgency?

apparently my brother and mjchoir went with quite a good lot of confidence to perform in Olomouc, since they actually performed well and executed whatever learnt during the choir exchange. they are improving, from my point of view.

since sec 1, the chairpersons from year 2005 - 2007 had told us not to be complacent because of the results that the choir had achieved in the past few years. this year, glenn just told that to us yesterday. the feeling of getting a Gold is pleasant, i bet the best Gold won in my days in tkchoir was during SYF'07. that was the most amazing gold and feeling i could get, the spirit of the choir, the joy of singing.

yet now, i feel only the tiredness, the boring-ness of singing. everyone's tired. everyone's getting bored of the practices. but just please, just for a few more days, put in our utmost effort, each and every one of us. we either come back with glory, or we return with grieve. which one do you wanna choose? most of us will want to come back with glory, i believe all in fact. it's ours to enjoy and it's us if everything falls.

a few more days of tolerance, focus, perseverance and determination will just be what we all need. put our hearts and souls into the songs. if tkchoir could do it for the past years, this year will be the same, i hope.

im torn to depths below,


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