Saturday, February 07, 2009


school has started. tampines junior college isnt a bad school after all. as in, you still feel pressurized by the people and the education system there and stuff but there is some fun in it. haha..

for the past week, the j1s had been attending intro lectures, orientation and touring the school to get used to the compound. well, the school's asymmetrical so it's easy to lose one's way around the compound and we just have to get used and remember it.

much has happened during the past week and i went for the second appeal to mjchoir with shuhan. quek went for the band and annie for the academics. sad to say, quek, annie and i didnt make it there. however, shu han did :D yea, we're happy for her though we'll miss her in tpj.

so yea, many appealed into the school, many appealed out of the school. my OG wasnt really enthusiastic and thus, we didnt bond that well i guess =x despite that, we acquainted with each other and now after getting our CGs, we are all split up again. lol.

geng, annie, quek and i were separated to different classes. =( but we got at least one tksian in each of our classes i supposed after reading from the website. hmmm, and i wonder what my next step will be.

we had the cca trials for netball and tennis yesterday. quek and i went to try the badminton trials too. i seriously cannot catch balls. all the five balls the girl threw to me, i missed them. how embarrassing. zzz. for the tennis it's the same. i couldnt hit the ball whenever it came although tennis seemed to be a good sport to play.

however i passed the badminton trials and they asked me to join their cca but im having second thoughts. on the other hand, my family doesnt support the idea of me joining a sports cca as im not used to it as i've been in the choir for 4 years. they want me to join the choir there anyway.

this must be the longest post i've written after such a long time. after i stopped blogging regularly, my posts were short. now i think it'll get longer. i'll blog once in a while anyway. cant blog much cause im either too tired or i have nothing to say. lol.

till then!


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