Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mixed feelings

to whom who reads this, i guess you are lucky/unlucky that you get to read this as i havent been blogging frequently. it just shows that you still frequent my blog though it's 7/8 dead.

i dont know whether to feel sad or happy. he has received the notification for the interview at smu. but i didnt receive any. i waited, eagerly, in hope that they will consider my achievements in cca and leadership.

i am still waiting.

i still constantly tell myself that i have to study well for my SATs. i didnt study well for A's. netiher do i understand it comprehensively. but now, im just trying luck. i know that when it comes to admissions to major institutions, you cannot rely on luck but more of your capabilities and abilities. i believe i didnt give myself a chance to shine as i was procastinating when i told others not to. contradict much right?

hence, dear fiona, when will you wake up from your deep trance? come on. just score well for SATs, maybe they'll give you a chance. and also, do your letter. you have to. if you dont, no one will help you. it's that simple yet difficult to digest. so right now, just get it into your head.

i believe that you can become who you used to when you were young. motivated. willing to strive and do the utmost best that you can. of course, with much preparation. remember how you soar and score with flying colours during streaming? im sure you can for this upcoming test. and BTT too. just put in 110%. aim for your goal. getting into EM1 was tough at that age of yours. it's the same for this. so do what you know what to do. believe in yourself and your capabilities. best to believe is, you are not stupid, you are an intelligent girl who can do what others can do, and you can even do more.

believe in yourself.


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