Thursday, February 21, 2008


haha, it's someone's birthday today!
and yea, u are getting old.

today's a maths test, i screwed it up. gonna get a lecture from jiee D: im not sure whether i will even pass but i hope that i answered the trigo questions correctly.

the wind has been blowing these few days. many people's hair getting messed up. and skirts fly. hold on tight to your skirts before everything can be seen =x hehe

i dont know whether it's me who is in a foul mood or my fingers(both left and right hand) or the piano. i cant play my piece well. haiz, i'm left with less than a month. i cant imagine myself passing actually. but i wish i do.

and oh, the worse of the worse happened to me today. i dropped my phone. my precious sweetheart was dropped onto rough ground. the carpark area in school. oh man! so heartbroken. usually it's being saved by something for example, it dropped onto (was it)ken's bag and slided down to the floor. saved from being scratched. now, it has (i dont know how many) scars. i'll go buff it. lol.

im hungry.

today the spastic one on my right was really spastic. tsktsk =P

i admire that piece of work.
just one short paragraph,
expressive and fluent.
but too cheem -.-


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