Saturday, March 01, 2008


march is here, how fast time flies.

i went to collect some books today from my mom's friend. i find the only interesting thing is the time when we had lunch. my dad parked his car some distance away from the place that we had our lunch.

the carpark is so darn cool. it isnt the kind where u have to drive your car in and find a parking lot yourself. however, it goes like this. u drive your car into a vacant lift and out of your car u go. key in your car plate number and enter, the lift will bring your car to a vacant parking lot and it's safe and sound. sweet right? haha! when u wanna retrieve it, it's the same thing. key in car plate number and your car will be located and sent to you. the carpark's located at club street, called, M-Park. super uber cool ;D

okay, that's the only interesting thing. the moment i reached home, i rushed into my room, hugged moozey and slept -.- i wonder how im going to sleep tonight. and moozey's a faithful companion. wahaha :D

off to do crap stuff.

let the warm rays shine upon you..


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