Friday, February 22, 2008


im dead tired.

today we had choices, social etiquette was so-so. we had to dress up and i didnt like the feel of it. i yawned and my stomach grumbled throughout the session though. zz.

english was okay, another compo to write for the teachers to mark. somehow, ideas dont come straight away. and the way to describe feelings, expressions, actions, they dont come immediately. i really wonder how others like clement can write such wonderful essays and it's like, a well-written piece of (roughly)2-3 pages essay, with so much descriptive phrases and i really admire his work at times. how to write such pieces then? the answer from the teachers: read more books and newspapers.

lol. mother tongue was writing, again. it was a reflection about edison chen's scandals and photos that were posted on the net, making him and his relations headlines in the newspaper for the past few days. today, after reading the newspaper, Life, i realized edison chen was a mixed blood! WOOTS. okay, that's erm, awful of me. he's quitting showbiz business and doing some self reflections about what he had done as he had admitted taking those pictures. poor guy huh?

today was quite a boring day and i dont know what im feeling so tired. i ate quite a late lunch, as usual. then dinner was horrible. i couldnt really eat but since my mom took the time to bring my bro and i out for dinner, i tried at least. i just couldnt finish my food. i find the school timing is such uneven and it drags on. the bioclock in us just keeps changing when it comes to lunch and dinner. most of us dont eat breakfast early in the morning and we eat during recess so yea.. it's lunch and dinner that really affect us. eating lunch late results in eating late dinner. on the other hand, for me, i eat less dinner. how in the world am i suppose to gorge the food down my throat when im on a full stomach? haha, besides, eating less, u know what happens :D

i think that :D's the first one in this post and the one in this sentence is the second. that's how bored, how low my spirits are. i never really like telling my mom, dad or my bro about exams coming up. they tend to stress. i mean, i know what im doing. they arent sensing that im trying my best and to the extend playing scales at home, they dont bother to ask when it is anyway until i said i wanna book a studio for practice. no one does(this refers to my family -.-) my life's screwed up.

a tan is seriously needed for me. i dont like the two colours on my hand, upper arm has a lighter tone as compared to the lower one. im still waiting for my topshop singlet(if that is called singlet) =x

i wonder what you are going to say,
cause that sentence sent me into freakness.
now im really wondering..


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