Saturday, February 23, 2008


today's a tiring day.

choir in the morning, not bad i should say :D that's a good sign. everyone was quite high after choir actually. there wasnt vocal training so i was able to leave with the rest. some people had flag day today. poor guys, they had to walk around asking people to donate. well i did donate :D 5 cents, im a kind soul. hahaha, im such a bad girl.

we went to Astons for lunch. as compared to last year's service, their service today wasnt good. the waitresses were giving us attitudes and we, of course, didnt like it. the food was still up to standard just that some things displeasured me.

then, the usual 3 guys went to get stupid. lol. soon's really a funny guy. really really hilarious! i cant stop laughing. there was this little girl, named Shannon i think(sorry if i've got the spelling wrong =x), she came to us and was smiling. she started with the guys area before coming to sandy and me. haha! the guys were, i dont really know how to explain in fact, all i know was i laughed a lot when she came over. she's about 1 or 2 years old anyway.

headed on to macs for more slacking and crapping. as usual, without soon but with shigeng and nigel, u still get crap. not a little bit, but a whole lot of crap. throughout the whole day, i laughed from 12+pm till 5+pm? wow.

i went for a jog after reaching home and i perspired a lot. a whole lot. and i think after my dinner, i didnt really felt hungry. most probably i was still full from lunch. i had yusheng for dinner, and just that. the delicious chicken wings that were marinated in honey and dont know dont know what, but i know there's honey were right in front of me. it was so tempting but somehow i didnt have the interest or appetite to eat it. poor chickens, i wonder if they are sad. -.- however, im eating them for lunch tomorrow so i bet they will be happy. lol. this is crap.

tired, fatigue, everyone deserves a long rest. long sleep to recharge one's body. sleep everyone, sleep. tomorrow's gonna be a new day, and a brand new week is ahead. let's just all face it with a smile :D

I tried to patch things up again
To calm my tears and kill these fears


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