Saturday, March 15, 2008


i've finally decided to blog. lol.

nothing much happened during the holidays except for thursday, the best day of the holidays. hahaha. wednesday i had choir in school. wow, 10am till 4pm. shiok right? and the weather was so chilly, it rained throughout the whole practice(somewhat). it will take time for the juniors to learn binnama properly but im sure they can do it :D

glenn got drenched in the rain =x sorry! he didnt catch a cold i think, nigel, sandy, sean, jy, ivor and i went to macs @ pp to eat. hungry stomachs to fill huh. quite a lot of things we talked about that day, hmm... crap.

okay, thursday :DD
i met up with geng and we headed to The Cathay to purchase the movie tickets first and waited till the others arrived. hoho, some were tardy but it's okay. we headed on for the movie although we missed the starting part =x step up 2 seriously rocks man, love the dance moves but it's so darn difficult to dance. i mean, to me, cause i've never danced before. lol.

the poster, feel like having one to myself. lol

some moves they did, watch the movie people. it totally rocks :D

u may wanna watch it online:
but really, watching it in the cinemas is so much better, cinemas have wider screens :D

after the movie, we went to buy drinks like coke, sprite and orange juice. on the way to my house, we rented the dvd, 'child's play', some chucky movie, possessed by a man etcetc. upon reaching my house, the fun part started :D woots! shizzles and more shizzles, we mixed it with coke for a start. it tasted sweet to me and then a gush of heat filled me, that's the moment i became a little high. huiwen drank a lot. so much that she became really high, hahaha. it was really crazy throughout the whole night as we went out for a walk. a lot of things happened during that night, haha, dont think otherwise but im not gonna blog about that. too long =x my fingers are becoming lazy to type out all, haha.

i had a talk with nigel on the phone after that till 12am ++. i was still a little high, and ended up spouting nonsense. and i think i asked stupid questions. lol. the next morning which was a friday, the sun was shining brightly in the sky. i woke up quite late in fact, 12pm i think. lol. tried to do homework and i didnt, ended up at the piano instead.

went for my studio practice and it was quite all right. just a lot of tension in my left arm, resulting in myself quite frustrated as i couldnt play my scales well. i hope it wont happen on the actual day. i brought one of my school shoes to try out pressing the peddle and to get the feel of it. lol. then headed on to get my dinner etcetc and friday ended.

well, this brought me to this particular topic about my family. early this morning, they were freaking out because my maid realized that there was only one shoe on the porch and the other was gone. my parents, brother and maid were searching high and low for it while this lazy bum here, me, was still asleep in my cozy bed. i was kinda awoke by them saying how the shoe got lost like, a crow took my shoe, a dog came and took it away, a bat took it o.O

uhuh, and next was my mom coming up to me telling me that my shoe was missing. i woke up then, quite frustrated cause i slept late last night, and told her it's in my bag -.- and took it out for her to see. that surprised my whole family and yea, they had a good laugh. quite some exercise they did, trying to find my shoe huh? but seriously, ridiculous thoughts about crows, dogs, bats, taking my shoe? lol. simply comical.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul
that can express a thousand emotions
while still remaining beautiful.

and i've lost my appetite.


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