Tuesday, March 18, 2008


today's a unique day as three people celebrate their birthday :D


all turning 16 at the same day, cool huh?

hmm, okay. i've got my seats moved forward, haiz. we all got separated but i still have my partner :D haiz, i still prefer the old arrangement =(

english! something interesting happened, haha. okay, it's not right for me to blog about it. sorry people!

next up, my piano exam is tomorrow, yeayea, tomorrow. to think it was like a week before when i practiced at the studio and again at the studio, now it's coming in like, 10 hours time. hoho, 10 freaking hours that will cause me to panic and fear will captivated me as my palms start to sweat.

i mean, it's like, the final grade, who wants to screw up? not me. but i just dont know why, i practiced my pieces 2 hours ago, and somehow or rather, they were screwed up. my fingers wouldnt hit the keys properly unlike the other normal days. i can feel fear building up within me as i worry about tomorrow. oh man! thanks for all wishing me good luck and nigel trying to calm me down and relax. quite true, my opponent isnt the piano, it isnt the scales, it isnt the arpeggios, it isnt the aural, it isnt my pieces and it is definitely not the examiner. it is me, myself and i. i am my own opponent, one that i must defeat to do well.

yup, i'll do my best then. i hope. i'll practice and warm up tomorrow morning and everything will be over, soon. 10 hours. let's do this man, i know i can. but im still afraid, haiz.

pray for me,
please please please.
let me do my best,
my very best.


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