Monday, March 24, 2008


okay, apologies to da ge and da jie for not updating my blog. lol.

okay, last week was kinda short since friday was a holiday!~ some of us went to watch "rule no.1", it was kinda erm, freaked out cause of the loud sounds, yea, im kinda afraid of horror movies. i covered my eyes and ears, lol. but there were hilarious scenes, you should go watch it :D

we had dinner afterwards and then soon and ken had to leave. so huiwen, nigel, clayton and i went walking around and walked all the way to marina square. brilliant idea came from nigel, to have ice cream! hahah, thus we made our way to swensens. huiwen and i had sticky chew chocolate, "mmmmm", hahaa. clayton had errr, cookie summit! yeayea, i remembered. the cup was quite tall and there were malteses inside, sweet huh? nigel had coit tower, some berry berry ice cream. dont really like it though, im a hardcore chocolate fanatic =]

okay, the day was rather over after that. we went home and sweet dreams to us all :D

next, TODAY! it was kinda hilarious, warm, and tiring. yes, definitely tired. everyone was worn out. you seldom see people feeling so tired and so stuck-to-the-chair-i-dont-wanna-get-up-nor-think-nor-write-anymore that kind of feeling.

starting of the day was the student council presidential elections followed by a horrible a maths quiz of differentiation. im so screwed up for this test because i have no idea how to do. i mean, yea i know must differentiate then blahblah but when facing the question, it's like, blank out and you stare at the question saying, "what the hell." or "bloody hell." outrageous but, haiz. i can only sigh. that took up a lot of brain juices. moreover it's just the second period of the day.

time past and so on. i should say for the humanities lesson, SS, i was quite awake and copied whatever im supposed to copy. although hands were tired and sore from the writing but yea, everyone did copy everything down. except for one or two(*ahem* haha)

chem, hoho, the lesson that everyone almost collapsed, including me. i had to even get up and wash my face. see how fatigue i was? yea. english was the one that perked me up. why? it's mdm sonia yeo taking the lesson! :D she went through the mistakes that we made for our section 2 scripts. calling out people's names, she asked whether the sentence was wrong/correct and the correct version.

i was one whom she called and the funny thing was, she called my name but looked at the group of 4Cs. Asked Mdm Yeo, "Various ethnic group, is this correct? Fiona."

I answered, "No."

then she started saying, "Fiona is not here? i saw her just now, where is she?", looked at 4c as we laughed our hearts out.

Raising my hand to signal to her I was right in front of her, she ignored me -.- so i started snapping my fingers. no reaction -.- some people were saying that i wasnt here and she kept harbouring on and insisted that i was here and she had seen me.

FINALLY! she did saw me when i was right in front of her. that was fast, lol. hilarious! even da ge who wanted to sleep couldnt sleep. he said it wasnt a sleeping period but entertaining period. hahha, what can i say?

yea so overall that's about the day. the rest of the day just continued with more lessons and lectures. and then a heavy downpour during the evening. it will be a cooling night.

the bad news for today, MY VOICE IS GOING AND SOON GONE! oh man! so sad =( it was a flu, the flu is almost gone but im having a cough and losing my voice soon. the lower it gets, the closer i get to losing my voice.

that's all, enjoy :D

yea, i really dislike ________________________.


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