Sunday, June 08, 2008


today's a special day :D
and i shant tell why, hahaa.

i kinda slacked for the past three days including today. i did a bit of my homework but i still have tons. something today distracted me from doing my work - tv. lol.

there were shows like simpsons, garfield, some chinese show etc. so i just kept watching and watching. wow, there goes three four hours.

confession, though my bro's not at home, i seem to like it. why? cause i can sleep on his bed! whahaa, his bed is so much more comfy than mine :D that's why i like it, nono, LOVE it. ahhaha

i want a dog. i dont like watching animal shows, but i cant resist myself. the more i watch, the more i feel like owning a dog. and im changing the topic. i've changed the topic. oops.

i dont know what else to say. let me enjoy something first. let me experience something fun then i'll blog about it. and apologies for not blogging for quite some time =x


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