Tuesday, February 10, 2009


lectures have started but not tutorials and the others. the week will rather be boring and restless in fact. lol.

let's start with yesterday!

yesterday was the day everyone was allocated and lined up in their CGs. i was in 09s29. last class! lol. soon is in my class! (: yippee.. haha. first day my class had pe. urrggh. our heights and weights were taken then, we had to run around the track. lol. and we thought we could play some sport games. haha

nothing much was done after that. we split up and gathered with our own classmates still. slacked and talked and attended lectures together. haha.. so that summed up my day. after that both cheryls, geng, soon and i went to tm to meet up with huiwen and wesley. huiwen was so shocked to see soon in tpjc uniform!

yupyup, u can imagine the expression on her face :D we then headed to swensens to have the student meal and at the same time, catch up with each other and waited for kenny kor to arrive. apparently, we ate quite fast except for me. =x i ate the slowest. hahaha

then we played fuzzy wuzzy and black magic while waiting for kenny kor to come. these two games really puzzled huiwen, wesley and geng who did not know how to play the game. hahaha... geng was the first to find out how to play the game. huiwen was next and wesley was last. then black magic! huiwen was first to find out! hahaha.. geng and wes were and are still clueless about it. lolol..

i miss 4e'08 man, esp the homies :(

today was a slack day. i only had one lesson - civics and moral education. lol. it was the first time my CG got together and gathered in the class. we had a self introduction etcetc. some guys in my class were the enthu ones. really enthu. lol. i dont really like the class layout, as in the table and chairs. there wasnt much space to walk around :(

okay, so after CME, soon, annie and i practically slacked our way all the way to the end of the day. quek and geng had GP at 12 and chem at 1pm. so from 10-12, we played UNO! hahaa.. quite fun, brought back memories of the olden days.

time past rather slowly while waiting for geng and quek's lesson to end. i read annie's magazine, ate hotdog, got additional notes for various subjects, played hangman! lol. that's to pass time. anne left after quek and geng came out to meet richny and the rest of us walked to some nearby place to eat - macs. lol.

we wanted to go get our hairs cut but nah, another day then! haha..

so that's all for today and yesterday.
i'll blog again when i wanna blog :D


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