Thursday, June 16, 2011

being in the real world is seriously hard reality.

#1 suck it up. not suck up but suck it up. like it or not, you cant complain. complain and receive the sack. everyone else is doing the same. just that some pushes more work to you. so the kind ones get bullied. thus, :(

#2 almost everything is based on meritocracy. which sucks. people with interests in certain job scope cannot excel as they are not able to attain the grades expected.

#3 you just gotta work hard. work until your soul collapses but you still have to continue. it's just life.

#4 flexibilty. being rigid will end you nowhere good. adapt and adjust to make the environment a better place for you, and maybe, for others.

#5 you work for yourself and not for others.

#6 there is vast difference in the way one thinks between males and females.

#7 things progress too fast that humans are trying to catch up with the pace.

#8 the world is collapsing (because of us).

#9 we sit in front of computer screens and type away like zombies.

#10 when will we (really) enjoy life?


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