Saturday, February 28, 2009


OKAY! im back :D

lessons are starting, homework is piling, revision is ________. lol.

okay so orientation camp was fun! dancing and cheering, screaming at the top of our lungs, clapping and stamping. there's sooooo much enthusiasm from everyone. even those who didnt feel like participated joined in the fun after some time. after all, everyone takes some time to settle down and fit in right? haha

so 09s29 is in the family of HAWKS! yea, we were and still are the hawks! yellow is our colour and our OGLs(or some call CGLs) are kai fan and derrick. kaifan = open rice if u didnt pronounce his name in the correct yu sheng? (something like that.zz), he's quite fun and derrick is equally fun as well just that kaifan looks for trouble and always gets into arguments :D

first day was bunk in and stuff and learning of cheers. we didnt have much fun for fright night as we are the last class thus we go last. therefore, we didnt have enough time to complete the game since time was up after the 1st station. sad right?

but we had fun on the second day. amazing race and mass dance! amazing was like, awesome man! the washing of hair, splashing of water onto each other, etcetc! we had the songs low, run the show cum temperature for mass dances and wannabe for the couple dance. hahhaa until now almost everyone is still in the camping mood. the dance and cheer and all.

i really like the automatic cheer. hahaha.. who doesnt? :D
we are a-u-t-o-matic! we are sys-t-e-matic! we are automatic, systematic highly energetic! xi shua shua, xi shua shua, om ji ji, om ji ji, diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! ONE MORE TIME! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! ONE LAST TIME! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! diu! BOM!

hahah that's the cheer :D

on the second night, we had soul night! it totally rocked! screaming at the top of our lungs, especially audrey! hahaha, from not perspiring to perspiring. lol. we had an advertisement competition and hawk came in second! well done hawk! *let's go hawkers! let's go!*

on the third day, we had telematch and it was fun too. chiong chiong chiong! sing the school song loudly that it's almost like screaming hahaha... then we unbunk, had lunch and then back to the hall for results for champion house etc. we won the most enthusiastic house! YAY!! hiphiphooray!

haha, then overall house champion was the one that everyone was waiting for. hawk got second overall. a lot expected first but 2nd is good as well :D we just feel bad for the camp1 people as they came in 1st. seagull was the champion family! congrats seagull :D i guess FMs of hawk felt sad but cheer up. we'll win in a way or another! haha..

okay, that was the end of orientation.

i'll end of with 2 pictures!

the end!


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