Friday, June 13, 2008


it's already the 14th13th of june. (thanks da jie for correcting me, im blur.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mingyan :D

yea, june babies turning a year older. time does fly.

choir has been on-going these few days, wed practices till today's practice were all at siglap south. there was improvement, im glad :D bet everyone is glad there's at least some improvement.

the choir has been singing their hearts out, though there are complaints here and there, at least, we are happy, overall. the better we sing, the earlier we are let off. haha, that's always the thing. today's vjc dsa choir auditions. some of our people went for it and they said the auditions were okay. trial run.

in fact, i shall confess that vj is still a very (attractive?) place to be. i love the uniform, the choir is great despite the number of practices(oh my). the location of vj is good, near my house that is. but whenever i think of the other erm, things, like the amount of hardwork put in, etcetc, having to score quite good scores and such, i definitely dont fit that criteria. im more of a lazy pig. lol.

yea, so i shall aim for mj. yes. lol.

i kinda jumped to another topic i see. sorry for that. lol. so choir has been improving, im glad. keep up the good work, we have support from our seniors :D and let's keep the choir spirit alive! hahaa.. gambate!

yea, you keep it up.
treasure the time at the airport,
im sure u can do it.
(you know who im referring to :D)


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