Tuesday, June 17, 2008


today's the day tkchoir's flying to russia~ hahaha :D

everyone's packing like mad, checking again and again whether everything is packed into their luggage. i feel like i forgot to bring something and i hope i have packed everything into my luggage and handcarry.

sad to say, i have no space for mooozey to be stuffed into my luggage =( means mooozey wont get the chance to see russia, awww man.

oh man, the flight's like in 9 hours time? hahaha, wonder how im going to keep myself energized when im blogging at this point of time, lol.

so tkchoir's going there to sing our hearts out. we are going there to get 2 golds, 2 very beautiful shiny gold. i hope we can achieve these 2 golds, we know what will happen if we dont. we have been trying our best and attending practices for the past three weeks or so, so let's do our best when we arrive in russia. our time has arrived and all we can do is to sing our best, focus and concentrate, support and the mouth shape.

let's do it tkchoir :D for the sake of ourselves, for the sake of tkchoir and all her members and her staff and conductors and alumni!


let's sing our best,
let's bring us the glory and honour we have and always had.
let's bring back smiles,
let's hope there wont be sorrows.
let's go for it!


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