Wednesday, July 23, 2008


today's racial harmony day. slack day :D

im blogging because quekky asked me to blog. zzzzzzzzz. i think because she has nothing more to read so she wants more. im talking to her on the phone and she's watching tv, smsing and talking to me at the same time. multi-tasker. lol.

today was really damn slack. sat in the auditorium and listened to a NE Talk regarding racial harmony. that was enough to make my eyes teary and weary. then soon, noel and i went to 4d for some IRojak thing. we just sat there and stoned, and drew on the paper that was provided in front. we were practically just enjoying ourselves in our own world :D

the performance for racial harmony was erm, short? but the skit was kinda humorous and quite a good job done. good job, lol.

after taht we had the english mock test. i rushed through my compo. seriously, i didnt really have much time to plan it out nicely with the right flows. it was written in a complete rush, i didnt have the time to edit either. my conclusion for my compo was so abrupt too and the compo was rather short. guess this time i wont do well. some of us didnt manage to finish the compo too. haiz.

school's been hectic and the teachers are rushing to finish the syllabus. we have tests, homework, revision to do almost every single day. we are all fatigue and im turning into a panda; the dark circles are forming under my eyes and they are much more prominent as the days passed. sighs again.

that's all, back to homework.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


we had an integration test today, and that sucked.
we had two chem practicals today, fun but not that fun because of the rush. however, i miss practicals :D they are more interesting than theories cause u can mix the solutions together. hahaa

ms chen loved the a maths lesson today because the class was quiet. weird? very. cause it was total silence. quite unusual for 4e to be quiet huh? haha, maybe some lost the mood during the lessons as u know, a maths with ____ ...... lol ;D

i just find today passed fast.
nothing much else to say.
you were quiet today.

im crapping. -.-

let's start the engine moving,
it's time to get those working.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


finally, after like 3 weeks of non-blogging, i have decided to come post some things that happened recently.

mainly, it's just schoolwork, tests and stuff. apparently (most of)the sec4s are piled with loads of homework and revision in preparation for our prelimary examinations. feel the heat and stress breathing down your neck? most do, i guess.

trying to finish all our homework is a little impossible as after one is done, another homework is added on. well, it's just a typical lifestyle and routine of a singapore student.

the weather's weird recently too. it can be cooling and windy in the morning but when afternoon comes, usually after school have ended, the sun comes out and shines brightly, scorching the grounds of Earth and blanketing the country with its sweltering heat.

more work to be done. short and erm, kinda lame post. i didnt put much thought into writing this post. lol.